Temple University Diamond Dollars


What are Diamond Dollars and who uses them?
Diamond Dollars is the university debit program that is used with the university ID card, the OWLcard.  All students, faculty and staff have accounts.  Diamond Dollars make it easier to make purchases by eliminating the need to carry cash.

Where are Diamond Dollars used?
Diamond Dollars are accepted at merchant locations at most of Temple's campuses.  As of November, 2007, vendors in close proximity to our campuses have been included as well.  In addition to retail food and product outlets, copying, laundry, and vending are alsoincluded in the program.

What are the requirements to join the Diamond Dollar Program?
Contact Scott Brannan in the Diamond Dollars Office (215-204-6360) or scott.brannan@temple.edu.  You will be required to complete and return a Vendor contract, an Electronic Payment Authorization Form, and a W-9.  These forms will indicate your agreed upon commission rate, and payment frequency.  Lastly, you will need to obtain communication hardware that normally includes a dial-up reader and receipt printer.  The reader will require a telephone line and electricity. 

Are there any exclusions to what I can sell ?

Businesses that sell take out alcoholic beverages are not permitted under the program.  Alcohol and tobacco products must be sold according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Gambling and any illegal activities are not permitted under the program.  Gift cards and card for cash exchange (i.e. merchants may not accept Diamond Dollars in exchange for cash) are not permitted in the program. Weapons, ammunition, drug paraphernalia, tattoos and tattoo establishments and tanning and tanning locations are not permitted in the program.