Temple University Diamond Dollars

Bumping the Lamp

"Bumping the Lamp" is a quote from Michael Eisner, of the Disney Company in referring to a scene from the Disney film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".  This film was a masterful use of live action with animation.  In a particular scene, Roger, hiding in a darkened room bumps his head on a lamp which causes shadows to continuously move throughout the remainder of the scene.  As originally written (and animated), the "bump" did NOT occur.  The director, after seeing the rough cut, decided that it would be funnier if the "bump" occurred.  The animators had to go back to the drawing board to re-create the entire animation sequence, hundreds of drawings, to accommodate the shadow.  All of this effort, just to make a better product.

The Diamond Dollars staff is continuously trying to "bump the lamp" to make our program better for all of our participants.  Whether greeting students or parents at orientation, or meeting with existing or potential vendors, we are trying to improve our product.

Check out our current publicity shots.  They should change occasionally.  Have an idea?  Let us know - ddollars@temple.edu.